Friday, June 16, 2006

Although I am miles away, my heart joins the 40 thousands fans in the Stadium of Stuttgart. My hand covers the spot on my chest were the fast pounds are coming from. I join millions of Dutch fans in the dream while I sing along with our national anthem 'Het Wilhelmus'.
"The best supported team, outside Germany," says the commentator.
However, he also reflects back on the earlier game today, where Argentina crushed Serbia and Montenegro with 6-0.
If I may refer to Annie, Hank, and Otto, I mentioned in my match report. Annie kicked Hanks Butt, and Otto better watch out.
The Dutch start the game in control, but do not find the net. I am holding my breath, while I should be making notes. I do recall the Ivory Coast at times turning my face green, as I could not breathe. The Ivory Coast is getting dangerous. Even using their hands, to push a counter forward, however the referee did not agree with the raised hands of the Dutch defender.
"The hand of God," jokes the Commentator.
Within five minutes, the Dutch fires their first shot. The crossed curve ball proves too much for Ruud van Nistelrooy to get his head on.
"The Ivory Coast is really pressing on here," says the commentator in the 18th minute.
But do not count out the Dutch. Five minutes later, he calls the shot of Robin van Persie, "an absolute blaster," and he says, "The keeper was in the right place, but he just could not react. Robin has me jumping in front of the screen.


Holland shows a bit of Argentina of their own.
van Nistelrooy puts the ball for a second time in the net.
"A double Dutch delight," calls the commentator.


In the eighteen minute the Ivory Coast shows it skills, a strike flies onto the crossbar, cracking the wood. The Ivory Coast fights themselves back into the game. They take Robben down in the penalty box, but Robben receives a yellow, for diving. He did play a little theatre.
"Ivory coast is trying to fight themselves back into contingency," says the commentator.
Moreover, they counter fast, they strike the ball with a blast to the high left corner, van der Sar never stood a chance.


Minutes before halftime, my heart missed a beat. The ball races towards goal, supported by two strikers of the Ivory Coast, and only one Dutch defender. Two against one, but the one is van Bronckhorst.
Ivory Coast grows in the game, the last part of the first half.
The second half they grow even further, giving me nail biting moments. The note path is off, to the side, the game is developing in a Stephen King thriller. Attacks of the Ivory Coast only missed by the prayers of forty thousand fans in the stands.
Van Basten shakes things up as he replaces Sneyder for van der Vaart.
"The magician of the mid field, the next van Basten,” calls the commentator.
The Dutch came close a few times to a third goal, and the men of the Ivory coast came a few times close to an equalizer.
The Dutch defenders do an excellent job in the end phase of the game, as the Dutch are bombarded with corners, and free kicks against.
The Ivory Coast gave more than a great performance, but the group of death has made two quick kills. They join Serbia Montenegro in the list of casualties. The dream lives for Holland,
and for me.